Neal Menashe

Executive Chairman

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As a teenager, Neal spent his spare time reading the business section of his dad’s newspaper. He was always looking for a new angle.

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he completed a Chartered Accountancy degree at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa. Then he completed his three years’ accountancy articles at Arthur Andersen Johannesburg.

He moved to the UK in the late nineties and joined Delve – an internet marketing, design and financial products company – as Financial Director.

Then the internet happened. And his search for a new angle was over.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Neal co-founded Win Technologies in 2001, became CEO in 2006 and Executive Chairman in 2015.

Without his nous, the company wouldn’t be where it is today. He’s helped it to grow and break into new markets left, right and centre.

Guess it’s a good job he spent so long on the business pages.


Brian Susskind

Managing Director

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Brian’s one of the few people who can say they’ve done pretty much every job in the business.

Retention and acquisition marketing, VIP management, HR and recruitment, design and IT – to name just a few.

It all started in South Africa, where he studied a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Information Systems at the University of Cape Town.

Degree done and dusted, he moved to London. And it was there, at the tender age of 24, that he co-founded Win Technologies in 2001.

Today, he’s Managing Director responsible for the day to day operations and driving the business success.

Outside of work, he gives back to his country of birth; he’s currently a board member of charity Afrika Tikkun.

And when he needs a break, he cycles, snowboards and takes part in triathlons. Phew.


Gavin Menashe

Business & Product Intelligence Director

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Gavin’s been building computers since he was ten years old.

He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He did a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Accounting and Information Systems and a Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy at the University of Cape Town. He passed the Board Exam for the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1998. Then he went on to complete his accounting articles at Arthur Andersen in Johannesburg.

After all that, he moved to London and co-founded Win Technologies in 2001.

Today, he’s a Business & Product Intelligence Director responsible for dreaming up ways to improve the business.

His skills and experience in finance and information systems have helped the company develop industry-leading systems and products; the kind that helps its customer stay well ahead of the game.

And when he’s not doing all that, you’ll find him gaming on his Xbox or PC. (Or on the football pitch.)


Tim Whyles

Marketing Director

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Tim’s been hooked on programming ever since he got his first ZX Spectrum in the 1980s.

It’s an obsession that’s never left him.

While studying Economics at Manchester University, he spent his evenings building websites. So when he graduated in 2001, a career in internet marketing was the obvious way to bring the worlds of economics and programming together.

As Marketing Director at Win Technologies, Tim keeps us at the forefront of digital marketing technologies like SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. But these days, his main focus is on offline media.

Tim’s approach to offline marketing helps us grow. And fast. He keeps a close eye on our campaigns to make sure Betway keeps up its rapid expansion into regulated markets. 

Richard Hasson.png

Richard Hasson

Commercial Director

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Richard is a strategically minded numbers guy. Methodical, logical and always ‘thinking big’.

He grew up in Cape Town, where he got his Bachelor of Business Science degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy. A qualified chartered accountant, he completed his articles at KPMG in South Africa before moving to the US to work in their Philadelphia office.

In 2006, he jumped continents again. He came to London and did an MBA at London Business School, graduating on the Dean’s List.

Then in 2008, he joined Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division. It was during this time he first got involved in gaming, covering a number of the industry operators and working on the IPO of one of the biggest in the sector. And for a brief stint after Goldman, he joined an early-stage financial services company, where he was instrumental in growing the business as their CFO and Head of Business Development.

He brought together his passion for numbers and his business savvy when he joined us. He makes sure we keep getting steadily bigger and bigger – in particular, he looks at corporate and strategic development, compliance and corporate communications.

At the moment he’s obsessed with the numbers 21 and 3 – half-marathons and triathlons. But when he’s not busy running around or training, he relaxes by reading autobiographies.


Kevin Kovarsky

Strategy Director

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Kevin’s always been fascinated by numbers. Growing up in Johannesburg, he’d spend hours researching probabilities and statistics.

Then, when he got older, he went on to study the numbers of business. After attending the Universities of Cape Town and South Africa, he qualified as a chartered accountant, completing his accounting articles at Arthur Andersen in Johannesburg.

But his interest in probability drew him to gaming. He got his first job as an accountant in the finance department of Caesar’s casino in Johannesburg, around 2000. After that, he spent a few years in private equity and financial management, but he couldn’t resist the pull of the gaming sector. So he came back in 2005.

In 2007, he joined us. And since, he’s been working on making sure it’s our customers who keep coming back. It’s a job that’s perfect for him – all online, he can get his hands on real-time data to find the answers he needs, tweaking services to make sure we’re on the right course.

Enjoying the outdoors, he even manages to squeeze in a few rounds of golf from time to time.


Jaswant Deol

Sports Director

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An eye for spotting opportunities and coming up with novel ideas. That’s Jaswant. His philosophy is to play to your strengths: whether that’s for our business, or the football teams he manages at the weekends.

He’s always been interested in gaming. In his youth he worked in a bookies on the weekends. Then in 2001 he went to Westminster to get his degree in Business Marketing and Management.

Over the next few years, he worked in various marketing roles, mainly specialising in loyalty schemes. Then in 2006, his love of sports drew him back into gaming – he joined a market leading betting exchange and held several senior positions.

He then joined us in 2011. Back then, our clients were more focused on casinos, and over time it was Jas’s experience and vision in spotting opportunities that helped transform their sportsbook business. And now, thanks to him, sports is one of our biggest focus areas.

But even though he loves watching and betting on any sport, Jas would much rather be in the action. So when he isn’t in the office, you’ll often find him kicking a ball on a field, or strolling around a golf course.

James Arnold.png

James Arnold

International Markets Director

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James is a risk-taker. It started off with snowboarding, backcountry skiing and jumping out of planes.

In 2006, his love of risk, and the pursuit of the thrill led him into gaming. Poker. Casino. Sports. He’s done it all. Before he joined us, he worked in some heavy-hitting roles including the Head of Acquisition and Head of European Marketing at Sportingbet Plc, and Chief Marketing Officer at BoyleSports. The thing that’s stayed consistent is his habit of pushing himself.

Then in 2014 he took his biggest risk, on paper at least. He changed roles from CMO of an established and successful Sportsbook to come and help transform our client’s bingo business. Always looking for a challenge, in mid-2016 James took on a new role to help drive our client’s international expansion and eSports business.

Nowadays, you’ll catch him swimming 2k in his mornings before downing a few coffees and getting to work on our strategy. But whenever he can, James gets back to the mountains – and his snowboard.

BW_Simon Hargraves .png

Simon Hargraves

Technology Director

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Simon is a problem solver. But his other passion is travel – and a desire to see the world. 

With a programmer for a father, he was always surrounded by computers. So while growing up in New Zealand, he put his problem-solving skills to good use and began building gaming sites.

He sold his first site in the dotcom bubble of the late 90s. And kept building. Then, he took those early years of know-how with him to uni. As well as getting a Computer Science degree, he developed and ran an eSports betting tournament sponsored by EA.

In 2008, his three passions met. Travel, gaming and problem-solving. So he up and left New Zealand and came to work for us.

Over the years he’s moved from solving problems in software to our strategy. His proudest success was when he helped build us a system that let our people design their own workflows.

He’s now our Product Development Director. He oversees our programs, making sure they all work smoothly. At the same time, he’s getting his Master’s in Software Engineering at Oxford University (which he’ll finish in 2015). And somehow manages to find time to go travelling, play on his PC and keep up-to-date with eSports.


Lee Knott

Retention Director

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Lee's first job after leaving school was in gaming, and he hasn't looked back. He's pretty much done it all, working in brand management and acquisition, before becoming Commercial Director at an online bingo company.

Joining us in 2015 as Bingo Operations Manager, Lee quickly put his customer-focused mind to work, helping to grow one of our newest products into a thriving community. It wasn't long before he was heading up our bingo department.

Lee became Retention Director in 2017, which means he's in charge of making sure that our exceptional customer experience keeps our customers coming back.

When he's not working, Lee enjoys spending time with his family, as well as playing and watching sports. He played football at a semi-professional level in his youth. But these days he's certainly not let himself go, now regularly running half and full marathons.

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